INCREASE YIELD – LOWER COST   Primordial Solutions products accelerate your plant’s rooting, growth, flowering, and fruiting phases while balancing soil biology and chemistry naturally. We’re the solution you’ve been looking for.


The Soil Solution SINCE 1996

 Soil is the Alpha and the Omega — everything begins and ends with the soil.  The key to success in agriculture is to utilize beneficial soil organisms to do the heavy lifting:  they can rapidly release essential plant nutrients, build soil structure, naturally compete with or suppress harmful organisms, immobilize nutrients that would otherwise wash away out of the soil, and many other amazing benefits.      When you add organic fertilizers (like fish meal or guano) to the soil, the plant’s don’t eat the stuff you’re putting into the soil directly, instead, the soil organisms act like the plant’s digestive tract and their own microbe poop becomes the plant food.  In other words, feed the soil and the soil will feed the plants.      Plants have an intelligence that science is very young in understanding.  And the complex relationships between plants and soil organisms is a vastly understudied field of exploration.  Plants create sugars from photosynthesis. The plant’s roots then exude some sugars to feed specific biology, which produce nutrients that feed the plants. It’s a perfect feeding system, just the way nature designed it, where the intelligence of the plants dictates what nutrients are available to it. With biologically balanced soil, the microbes do all the heavy lifting for you.  Our Primordial Solutions products maximize the effectiveness of soil microorganisms to aid in plant growth. At Primordial Solutions we’ve made Mother Nature our business partner…Make Mother Nature your business partner too!

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TERp•gerp - OUR newest product

Terp Gerp is a revolutionary foliar spray for flowering cannabis plants! Terp Gerp is a terpene enhancement using simply compressed air! It is super concentrated and sprays as a very fine mist so the can lasts for hundreds of applications. A light cloud of Terp Gerp settles over the canopy and acts on the flowering sites directly to stimulateaction where the flowers are developing. Derived from alfalfa, kelp, frass, and our proprietary compost extract base. Naturally accelerate flower development using the power of plants and microbes. Concentrated ready to spray formula only requires 2-3 seconds per 25 square feet of canopy. Does not add excess moisture to flowers. Gentle mist does not damage flowers. Beneficial microbes create “competitive exclusion” to reduce molds.



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Joaquin Valdez, a field manager for South Coast Ag, conducted a test of our products Sea Green and Rootamentary in Oxnard, California. The bell peppers planted in this heavy clay soil were showing signs of stress from high salt conditions in the soil. Primordial Solutions products Rootamentary and Sea Green were applied to a 12.2 acre test plot (the poorest of the 3 blocks). Due to the rapid recovery, an additional block was added 3 weeks later. Photos were taken 2 weeks after application of test and control areas.







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