California Growers Face Local Bans as Statewide Legitimacy Draws Closer

California Growers Association

California Growers Fight for Right to Farm

This recent newsletter from Hezekiah Allen of the California Growers Association discusses the challenges faced by California cannabis growers.

“Historically, California growers have kept a low profile. Now, as policy reform moves forward and cannabis businesses are moving ever closer to legitimacy, growers are often overlooked. Many live in rural communities that are plagued by bans and backward policies. Building a brand is restricted by highly controlled market access, and growers are often lumped together with no distinction made between homestead and trespass grows. It is time for that to change.

Please take a minute and watch and share this short video to learn more about Nevada County Growers.

Despite the positive message of this video, Nevada County Growers have recently been subject to a ban. The hard working, smiling people you see in this video are still suffering under the weight of prohibition. No pathway to legitimacy exists for these growers. Yet, many people in our state don’t know it. What’s worse, Nevada County is not alone. Many communities throughout the state faces local bans. Even in “progressive” communities, permits are often limited to the well positioned and well capitalized. Very little opportunity is available to the legacy farms and businesses that have built our states global leadership in cannabis. It is time for that to change.”

Read more from the California Growers Association on their blog.

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