Cannabis Growers Benefit from Venture Capital

Cannabis Is Big Business for Gaining Capital

Like any other “cash crop,” the noble cannabis plant has become the subject of a lot of interest by big money. Grow Cannabis  will benefit from the success of several startups geared to facilitate the connections between growers, dispensaries, users and others. Read this news release to get the details…

Lean start up owned by Evergreen Buzz, LLC has completed a second round of angel and VC funding. The new cannabis and legal marijuana website is producing cutting edge mapping software for dispensaries, doctors, and lawyers in the cannabis and legal marijuana field. The site also uses some of the best cannabis bloggers and writers online for unique stories and perspectives on the legal marijuana issues.

A new social networking platform modeled after Facebook and Instagram features rolls out next week, called the Cannabisseur Social Network.This round of funding will also complete the new algorithmic matching software called WeedMatch, that will match a person based on personality to a strain of marijuana or cannabis. The algorithm is being developed with some of the best analyst from the mathematical and financial trading fields. The software is trademarked and will also be able to recommend a strain based on a situation or planned evening.”We are very excited about the opportunities in the medical marijuana field and mapping how to find a medical marijuana doctor or marijuana dispensary for people,” says managing director, Curt Dalton.

“We think our mapping, bloggers, and new Weedmatch technology will help shine a light on some of the problems that currently plague the growing niche. We allow for the dispensaries and doctors to communicate with each other and their clients, all in real time and online. “The investment interest around the legal marijuana niche is grow cannabis each year as more states and countries legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana.”There is a land grab going on for investment ideas in cannabis and the legalization process. Everything from physical products, to websites, to apps, to growing houses, etc,” added Dalton.

“This will be the biggest investment opportunity in a lifetime and it will also help many local and state governments out of debt with the taxes that are going to be raised from this process.”

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Source: Cannabis Based Startup Cannabis.Net Finishes Second Round Of Venture Capital Funding

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