Gardening Trends — Ways to Improve Your Garden

10 Gardening Trends for Spring

It may still be too cold to plant your spring garden (except in Florida, maybe). But here are some things to think about before the warm weather arrives for good. We especially like the “Improve Soil without a Compost Heap” and the “Eco-Friendly Insect Spray.” To get more details, read this article from Country Living Magazine.

gardening trends - eco-friendly insect spray

It may still be cold outside, but we have a confession: We’ve already been filling our “gardening” Pinterest board with new ideas. Luckily, we’re not the only ones looking ahead.

The folks at Pinterest recently took a look back at last year’s trending pins in popular categories to inspire us in 2016. According to their findings, appropriately called the Pinterest 100 for 2016, these are the gardening trends that everyone will be trying.

1. Regrowing Foods in Water.

2. Epsom Salt.

3. Raised Garden Beds.

4. Water Free Gardening.

5. Keep Herbs Fresh All Year.

6. Upcycling.

7. Small-Space Gardening.

8. Improve Soil Without a Compost Heap.

9. Eco-Friendly Insect Sprays.

10. Foliage Instead of Flowers.

Source: Gardening Trends — Ways to Improve Your Garden

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