Grow More, Save Time, Spend Less

Compost tea is great stuff!  But it takes preparation to brew, and you have to clean that barrel after each batch!  Just 2oz of Sea Green makes a 55 gallon drum of instant compost tea! Our 16.7 Trillion organisms per mililiter of concentrate, when diluted into a 55 gallon drum, applies over 4 billion organisms per mililiter!!!

Cost breakdown for compost tea (55 gallon batch)
$5 – 20 minute prep time (mixing ingredients) (@$15/hour)
$5 – 32oz of fish hydrolysate (@$20/gallon)
$2.25 – 1/4cup of concentrated kelp powder (@$30/lb)
$4.25 – 1 cup high quality liquid humic acid product (@$70/gallon)
$5 – 20 minute clean up (spraying out barrel and cleaning bag) (@$15/hour)
$21.50 total cost!  (or $0.39 per gallon)

This estimate doesn’t even include the following expenses:

  1. the cost to run an air pump for 24-48 hours
  2. the cost of the compost and/or worm castings itself
  3. initial equipment purchase or replacements

A 16oz bottle of Sea Green only cost $59.95! (gallons and buckets get even cheaper)

Mixing only 1mL per gallon into the 55 gallon drum is instant tea for only $0.13 per gallon!  That is 67% cheaper!

If you have some excellent compost and/or worm castings that you want to use, just change up your program away from brewing and simply extract the compost!  Just put the material into the brew bag, squeeze with your hands for a few minutes, and turn the water nice and dark. Then, add Sea Green at 1mL per gallon.  No need to brew or aerate, just water in!

Unquestionable convenience, unparalleled results, and an unbeatable price!

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