Healthy Microbial Ecosystems Prime Plants’ Immune Systems

Microbial communities for health 

Healthy Microbial Ecosystems Require the Right Mineral Resources

Healthy microbial ecosystems must utilize the right mineral resources. Sole reliance upon chemical inputs has been the standard for soil and plant nutrition for the last century. Virgin-soil has been depleted of its accumulated biological compounds and biodiversity as a result of mismanaged and overuse of chemicals.

By reducing or eliminating use of chemical inputs, the grower can insure that they do not negatively impact the soil and plant ecology. For example, it is commonly preferred to use gypsum to correct saline soils and improve structure; however, in most cases, the judicious use of lime would be more advantageous because of its increased available calcium.

Another example would be the excessive use of nutrients leading to imbalances which harm the soil micro flora which increases plant stress.

Disease Management System

The Primordial Solutions’ Disease Management System reduces the farmer’s dependence on chemical by enlisting all three principle mechanisms of biological control.

By providing a wide range of organisms, our products out compete pathogens for space, coating the leaves and roots of your plants with symbiotic organisms as opposed to pathogenic ones. Beneficial bacteria and fungi produce environmentally formulated antibiotics limiting the ability for pathogens to infect plants. By inoculating plants early on and throughout its life cycle, the farmer gains the ability to protect his crops using products which are non-toxic and assist in maintaining the fertility of his soils.

Compounds created by healthy microbial ecosystems have been shown by countless studies and field trials to prime plants’ “immune systems”. By using known organic and naturally sourced compounds the Primordial Solutions product line nourishes the plants natural abilities to resist diseases and insects.

Primordial Solutions is leading a global movement to promote awareness of how stimulation of natural microbial processes enhance nutrient density and plant yield – while sustaining soil health for future generations. Want to join our movement? You can start by liking us on Facebook. There will be more news to come!

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