Healthy Soil Achieved with Biological Management

healthy soil

Our Biological Management System uses analytical tools to determine microbial community structure, function and biomass. The goal is to establish and culture a healthy, living soil and plant ecology. Healthy soil is achieved by developing a sound soil microbial environment which is conducive to healthy root and plant development, controlling diseases and maximizing the productive capacity of the soil.

Establishment of a healthy soil micro flora will maximize water use efficiency, maximize nutrient uptake, encourage a stable aerated soil structure, produce biological metabolites, encourage soil humus formation and decrease nutrient runoff, creating an environmentally sound, financially profitable, and socially responsible overall farming practice.

The processes involved include the properly managed use of cover crops, well-made compost and judicious use of manures and other soil amendments. In the modern farming system, these practices can all be enhanced or replaced by the use of Primordial Solutions products.

The Primordial Solutions’ Mineral Nutrition Management System uses soil, tissue and sap test to determine qualitative and quantitative nutrient status and make corrections before problems occur: This differs greatly from the growers’ standard as it addresses issues before they cause damage to your crops or a loss in production.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

–Benjamin Franklin

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