Understand the natural way that Primordial Solutions’ products work


To understand the natural way that Primordial Solutions’ products work, you have to go back to the beginning of life on earth.

Single-cell microbes, the original inhabitants of our planet, used sunlight and water to create carbohydrates. As eons passed, the microbes flourished using this process, and were able to break down rock into soils.

Over thousands of decades, plants and trees established themselves in those microbe-rich soils, and a mutually beneficial partnership emerged. The plants secreted sugars essential to the health and sustainability of the microbes. The microbes, in turn, secreted acids and other compounds that allowed the plants to more effectively take up nutrients from the soils.

Today, sadly, chemical buildup, pollution, genetic modification, over-farming, drought, erosion and other calamities have generally depleted that beneficial microbial presence in healthy soils.

Primordial Solutions’ products restore and stimulate those eons-old, natural systems and processes that promote the proliferation and health of essential soil microbes – which then provide a massive boost in soluble nutrient uptake for their partner plants – just the way nature originally intended.

In fact, Primordial Solutions has been able to develop natural, non-chemical blends that can enhance the nutritional value of food by exponential amounts!

““Our products are formulated not only for the plant, but also so they are not disruptive to the biological processes that feed the plant. Ideally, to not only feed the plant, but to feed the soil,” explains Joseph Johnson, CEO of ABC Organics, the parent company of Primordial Solutions.

restoring soil nutrients - saving the planet