Understand the natural way that Primordial Solutions’ products work


To understand the natural way that Primordial Solutions’ products work, you have to go back to the beginning of life on earth.

Single-cell microbes, the original inhabitants of our planet, used sunlight and water to create carbohydrates. As eons passed, the microbes flourished using this process, and were able to break down rock into soils.

Over thousands of decades, plants and trees established themselves in those microbe-rich soils, and a mutually beneficial partnership emerged. The plants secreted sugars essential to the health and sustainability of the microbes. The microbes, in turn, secreted acids and other compounds that allowed the plants to more effectively take up nutrients from the soils.

Today, sadly, chemical buildup, pollution, genetic modification, over-farming, drought, erosion and other calamities have generally depleted that beneficial microbial presence in healthy soils.

Primordial Solutions’ products restore and stimulate those eons-old, natural systems and processes that promote the proliferation and health of essential soil microbes – which then provide a massive boost in soluble nutrient uptake for their partner plants – just the way nature originally intended.

In fact, Primordial Solutions has been able to develop natural, non-chemical blends that can enhance the nutritional value of food by exponential amounts!

““Our products are formulated not only for the plant, but also so they are not disruptive to the biological processes that feed the plant. Ideally, to not only feed the plant, but to feed the soil,” explains Joseph Johnson, CEO of ABC Organics, the parent company of Primordial Solutions.

restoring soil nutrients - saving the planet

Sea Green FAQ

Sea Green is extracted from the most fertile soils on earth and multiple natural compost sources. We select soils with desirable biochemical balances, so our products provide the ideal growth response for all plants. This extract is then mixed with specific microbial foods to promote and sustain a diverse living system.

Most of our customers use Sea Green with every feeding, but you can also use it with every other watering, add to compost tea, or foliar apply. Most users add some Sea Green to regular feedings due to Sea Green’s ability to turn nutrient and mineral profiles into highly soluble plant-available forms.

Alternating your use is still effective, but, if you’re feeding heavily, we recommend adding Sea Green to avoid any burn issues or nutrient lock-out and get the growth boost you desire.

We recommend using any of our solutions within 24 hours of mixing into your reservoir. Otherwise, it will lose some of its potency. Making it fresh every time is optimal.

Yes. Sea Green is an effective foliar, especially to prevent disease and deficiencies. It encourages faster growth, thicker cell wall tissue (for greater nitrogen production), and resistance to disease and pests. You’ll have even healthier, more vigorous plants to work with and enjoy. You also gain a higher brix count which allows the plant to fully express its genetic potential.

Yes. Sea Green Hydro was specifically formulated to work better in hydro systems, but all of our products work great for hydroponics. The original formula can foam (a lot) so it is best to add in small incremental doses to avoid excessive foaming. The Sea Green Hydro version was formulated to foam much less. You will see great results using True Blooms and Rootamentary in hydro, and we highly recommend it. Use these products at a rate of 0.5 to 1 mil per gallon.

Sea Green itself will not burn plants unless used in very high doses (well over 3mL/gal). In fact, it will buffer against burning with very high nutrient feedings.

First, it’s important to know that burning can result from a massive sudden release of locked-up nutrients in the growing medium. Mineral salts have the nature of clustering into large crystals in the soil, and Sea Green will burst apart these clusters. If done too rapidly, this may result in an initial burning. Therefore, if plants are established and you’ve been feeding heavily, it’s advisable to ease into the use of Sea Green.

If you’re adding Sea Green for the first time, midway through the growth cycle, or with soil that has been reused, we recommend 0.5 ml per gallon for the first application, coupled with backing off the nutrient products.

Once you’ve used Sea Green a couple times and you’re sure you don’t have salt buildup or a lock-out, you have the option of pushing the feedings to very high levels while adding 2-3mL/gal of Sea Green. At this point, once there is no lock-out going on, Sea Green will actually buffer against burning with extremely heavy feeding. Or you can back off your feeding and use less Sea Green, allowing a more cost effective application of your nutrients.

Yes. This combo is excellent as a foliar spray for vegetative plants and seedlings/rooting cuttings. Whatever you don’t spray, go ahead and water in! We’ve seen roots grow up and out into the air and light (in a humidity dome) when sprayed with this combo. Mix both in the same gallon of water using 0.5 ml of Sea Green and 0.25 ml of Rootamentary. You can also use this combo as an effective seed soak.

Combining them is fine, but you will get better results by foliar spraying True Blooms and watering in Sea Green. The most optimal regimen for flowering plants is 2-3mL of True Blooms sprayed 1x to 2x per week and both Sea Green and True Blooms watered in at 1mL each.

Rootamentary FAQ

Rootamentary utilizes a specific mineral balance to naturally encourage rapid root development while being boosted by natural plant-derived growth promoting compounds. It combines nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potash and micro-minerals to increase plant growth response and encourage an optimal root zone.

Rootamentary is used as a plant feed, with or without other nutrients. It can also be used as a vegetative foliar spray. We recommend using Rootamentary in combination with our Sea Green compost extract.

Sea Green offers a diverse culture of bacteria, and the nutrient profile of Rootamentary selects the nitrogen fixers from the Sea Green culture. These bacteria convert atmospheric Nitrogen (N2) into plant available nitrates (NO3), and nitrogen-fixing bacteria create “hormones” or natural plant growth regulators (PGRs) that promote root growth.

The sooner the better.  You can use as a seed soak with Sea Green at 1mL/gallon, or in your cloning solution at 0.25mL/gallon also with 0.25mL/gallon Sea Green.  As soon as roots start developing, water in at 1mL/gallon.  As the plant gets more established, you can up the dosage as high as 3mL/gallon if you’re not watering in any other micro-nutrient products (other fertilizers ok). Continue using throughout vegetative growth.  If you want your plants to continue to get larger, continue through early flower, if you want them to remain short and stocky, stop using Rootamentary when flowering begins and switch to foliar applications of True Blooms.

Rootamentary doesn’t have calcium. If you use it as a standalone nutrient, you should also have a cal-mag product in your mix. Or a well amended soil with plenty of minerals, especially ample calcium.

Yes. The combination of Sea Green and Rootamentary is excellent as a foliar spray for vegetative plants and seedlings/rooting cuttings. We’ve seen roots grow up and out into the air and light (in a humidity dome) when sprayed with this combination. Whatever you don’t spray, you can water in!

Rootamentary is quite concentrated, and the complex of minerals can be difficult for plants that have not yet developed roots for nutrient uptake. However, applying to rooting clones (in a cloning machine or in cubes/plugs) at 0.25mL/gallon is beneficial for accelerating rooting, initial growth, and overall flowering potential.

No. Rootamentary contains urea which is not allowed under organic certifications.  We use a small amount of urea specifically as microbe food, NOT AS PLANT FOOD. When applied strategically as a microbe food, soil microbes quickly convert it into ammoniacal nitrogen and it is now “organic” as it has been processed by the soil food web. The problem with urea is when it is applied in high quantities for the purpose of force feeding the plants at the cost of the soil food web.  At Primordial Solutions, we focus on microbiological responses in the soil, and feed the soil first and foremost. For this purpose, Rootamentary is incredibly beneficial for soil health, will not cause harmful run off, and will only support and feed diverse soil life when applied at the 1-3mL/gallon application rate.  Organic certifiers had to draw the line somewhere, and in this case, they chose to not allow this substance under any circumstances, when it would have been more accurate to allow it if applied as a soil microbe food source.  It is for this reason that we also encourage mixing Rootamentary with Sea Green compost extract in every application to accelerate the assimilation of urea into the soil food web.


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