What Makes Sea Green So Special?

If you are unfamiliar with Sea Green, it is a microbial product in a class of its own, with over 15 TRILLION different organisms per mL.

It works with any existing fertilizer program, organic or conventional, soil or hydro. Though it is effective in every situation, adding Sea Green with high salt fertilizers blows doors open by adding in the missing component of a living soil community.

Most microbe products take isolated organisms, divorced from nature and their complex interactive relationships with other organisms, and put them in a petri dish, with no competition and ample food. They get fat and lazy and they quickly evolve away from their natural origin. Nature is dynamic and changing, and isolated microbial cultures are static at best, or they dynamically evolving along a different trajectory away from nature.

These products are effective in their own respect, and they are what the ag labeling guidelines are built around. But they completely miss the point that microbes do not exist as isolates in nature and when they are removed from it, their own biological processes change, the genetics bottleneck and you get little diversity and conversely, little efficacy. When those microbes get back into nature many just immediately die off.

What makes Sea Green different? Sea Green is most easily understood as an instant compost tea, or more accurately, it is a mix of multiple different compost extracts and indigenous soil microbes. Sea Green really has two unique proprietary components.
The first is the biological culture itself. This is a mix of indigenous microbes, collected over 25 years from every corner of the globe, living as multiple complex polycultures. For example, we’ll find naturally existing sodic soils, and culture the halotrophic (salt eating) organisms existing there. This diversity allows the culture to adapt to any growing environment as the chemical conditions of that soil select for the organisms most suited to thrive.

The second aspect that makes Sea Green wholly unique is our method to make them shelf stable. We are able to mix these cultures together and suspend them into a shelf stable active culture. The final product ends up being the most diverse and dense microbial product we’ve ever seen on the market (and we look at them all). It is ready to go, active and alive straight out of the bottle.

If you do some due diligence and read the comments on our IG posts or on any forums, you’ll see that it is the kind of product people use once, and it forever becomes a part of their lineup!

As with all things, however, the proof is in the pudding. For those of you who have tried Sea Green, you know that this product is all results and no hype. For anyone who hasn’t tried our Sea Green, you can get a sample of it (along with 2 of our other products) sent directly to your door by clicking here, just cover the cost of shipping and processing!

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