Raspberry Crop Recovery with Paleo Bloom

Test of Our Product Paleo Bloom in Camarillo California

Juan Casillias, a local grower, conducted a test of our product Paleo Bloom in Camarillo California. The raspberries planted were showing signs of anemic yellowing leaves and non-productive growth. Primordial Solutions’ product, Paleo Bloom was applied to a 5-acre test plot. Rapid raspberry crop recovery was obvious after 2 weeks.

New growth stock thickened by .25 inches. Canes shot up 3 feet in length within 2 weeks. Anemic yellow foliage was replaced with deep healthy green. 50% increase in flower sites. Fruit size increase 25%.

Paleo Bloom is a highly Paramagnetic – Potassium, Phosphorus, Cal-Mag, Silica, Trace element, micronutrient biological package. Designed to provide a cost effective way for farmers to rebuild mineral reserves of their soils and thus the nutritional value of their food. Every material used in its production either meets or exceeds NOP standards.

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