Sea Green Analysis: 15 Trillion Plant-Boosting Organisms Per mL

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Sea Green Functional Group Analysis

Many Primordial Solutions customers and retailers are already familiar with the benefits of Sea Green. It’s the “compost tea extract” that increases nutrient availability during all stages of the plant life-cycle.

Sea Green is effective in both soil and hydroponic environments, and it increases the quantity and quality of your yield while increasing plant health and vigor.

However, if you’re new to Sea Green or want to know more about why this product is so effective, you might wonder:

What’s in Sea Green? What biologics are in it, and what do they do?

These are great questions to ask. There’s a lot of nonsense and hype about plant nutrients out there, but we have the answers and the third-party analysis to prove it.

Independent analysis by Microbial Matrix Systems reveals that:

  • 1mL of concentrated Sea Green plant formula contains more than 15 trillion beneficial bacteria.
  • At a 1mL/gallon application rate, that’s 4 billion organisms per mL for your plants!

Sea Green Under the Microscope

Sea Green Under the Microscope
Diluted 10x, straight from the bottle. 400x magnification.

You can read our one-page summary of MMS’ full analysis and learn about all the types of plant-boosting organisms in Sea Green. This includes a breakdown of what each organism does to boost yield and grow healthier and more vigorous plants.

In short, they aid in nutrient uptake and promote a healthy and resilient ecosystem in your root zone.

But you should see it for yourself! Order a bottle now, dilute it 10 times, and put it under a microscope. The microscope doesn’t lie!

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