Sea Green Nutrient and Sea Green Fertilizer

Our Sea Green Nutrient is in a class of its own. It is designed to enhance nutrient uptake and promote vigorous growth. It is a game changer, catalyzing microbiological processes to maximize genetic potential. The Sea Green nutrient is more than just a fertilizer, it will improve your plants nutrient absorption and make essential minerals more available to your plants.Primordial Solutions provides numerous benefits with the sea green fertilizer, and actually creates an environment of true fertility. We offer unbeatable solutions to enhance plant growth by partnering with Mother Nature to employ her natural skill to grow productive plants.


Sea Green Fertilizer Benefits:
• Essential Sea Green Nutrient makes nutrient absorption possible even under high salt conditions!
• It helps to break down nutrients into forms that can be easily absorbed by your plants!
• Enhance the amount and type of nutrients that can be absorbed.
• It keeps essential nutrients available despite pH fluctuations.

The Sea Green Fertilizer helps to prevent nutrients from leaching out of the soil by immobilizing them into the soil food web. The unique Sea Green fertilizer is useful in both soil and hydroponic gardens to enhance the nutrient absorption.Our proprietary formula has unparalleled results that you’ll simply have to see to believe. With the addition of our Sea Green nutrient, plants can access their essential minerals more efficiently via partnering with the plant’s root exudates and the genius of microbial processes. Reduce your overhead and increase your profit margins with Primordial Solutions.

Primordial Solutions

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