Soil Enhancers Being Tested In California Vineyards

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Primordial Solutions testing its soil enhancers in California vineyard to develop superior wine grape and enhance vintner yield


OXNARD, CA – Primordial Solutions LLC announced today tests are underway in a California vineyard to find out if the firm’s success in increasing quality and yield in berry, nut, cannabis and produce farms can be achieved for vintners.

Joseph L. Johnson, CEO of renowned plant growth supplement producer Primordial Solutions, said the tests also will determine whether vintners can achieve a similar reduction in water and pesticide application experienced by other agricultural operations using his firm’s microbe-boosting soil enhancers.

soil enhancers applied in California vineyards“We’ve had yields boosted by as much as 100 percent with some farms and growers, and there’s no reason, depending on the soil, why California’s wineries can’t experience that same increased yield and resulting quality,” said Johnson.

Tests of Primordial Solutions’ products Rootamentary® and Paleo Bloom® are underway at a vineyard in Paso Robles, CA, and results will be known within a month by analyzing plant tissue and soil components.

“We are testing a variety of wine grapes, including Cabernet, Shiraz and Chardonnay. Our goal is to see increases in quality and yield from these fields, and compare the application cost of each product to the corresponding increases. This way we can determine the true value of our products to this ever rapidly expanding industry,” Johnson explained.

The reduction in the need for irrigation Primordial Solutions has seen in other farming initiatives using its products is especially important for vintners in drought-parched California.

Unlike fertilizers, Primordial Solutions’ environmentally-friendly products work synergistically with the billions of pre-existing microbes in the soil to enhance nutrient uptake, improve plant health and vigor, and support soil sustainability.

“We’ve formulated these highly concentrated, natural solutions to benefit both mankind and the earth,” said Johnson. “Primordial Solutions’ natural plant nutrients support biological processes applied by Mother Nature for eons so our customers can grow more than they ever dreamed possible, in an earth-friendly way, while reducing costs.”

Johnson said his plans are eventually to market Primordial Solutions’ to an estimated 8,700 wineries in the U.S. serving the $37.6 billion American retail wine industry.

Primordial Solutions serves the home garden, authorized cannabis grower, farm, orchard and retail markets nationwide. For more information, please visit Primordial Solutions’ website or like us on Facebook.


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