Terp Gerp sv TrueBlooms

Since introducing Terp Gerp, a lot of people have wondered what differentiates it from TrueBlooms.

Its a fair question considering that they are both products oriented towards enhancing the flowering process.

Lets shed some light on their similarities and differences.
What’s The Difference In Formulation?
TrueBlooms is mostly a kelp concentrate, activated with microbially synthesized natural flower signalers. Terp Gerp includes alfalfa, frass, and willow bark as well to help push the flowering processes further and be even more effective in the later stages of flower.

Whats The Difference In End Results?
Both TrueBlooms & Terp Gerp are essentially interchangeable, but the Terp Gerp is a more powerful product (and more expensive). True Blooms is most cost effective used earlier in flower when the excess humidity and the force of the sprayer isn’t a problem.

Can I Use Terp Gerp & TrueBlooms At The Same Time?
Yes. If you’re going to spray one or the other, Terp Gerp is the better choice, with TrueBlooms watered in. It is mostly a factor of things being not just effective, but cost effective. Terp Gerp is very effective sprayed all throughout flower and even watered in, but it wouldn’t be cost effective do so.

For this reason, we suggest spraying TrueBlooms during early flower, and then spraying Terp Gerp in mid to late flower while continuing to water in TrueBlooms during those stages.

Do I need to flush either or both of them?
No, they themselves are like a flush!
While both products are high quality nutrients that will help you take your flowering game to the next level, we hope that by reading this you were able to better understand the differences between them.

Have Any Questions about Terp Gerp or TrueBlooms that weren’t answered above? Email us at sales@primordialsolutions.com with your question and we will be happy to give you an answer 🙂

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