The 3 Key Elements of Better Plant Fertilizer

There are three key elements to creating an ideal plant fertilizer program, and they all begin with healthy soil. These elements are critical to accelerating your plants’ rooting, growth, flowering and fruiting, all while naturally balancing soil biology and chemistry.

At Primordial Solutions, we create plant nutrients that bring together these three elements and create the perfect balance for growing, farming and home gardening.

Here’s a quick breakdown of these three elements of good soil and plant fertility and how to apply them.

The ABC3 Approach to Soil Fertility

The key to a sustainable agricultural program is the balance between each of three components, each one enhancing the other:

A. Biological Management System

Implementing a good biological management system establishes and cultures a healthy living soil and plant ecology, with an emphasis on microbe community structure and biodiversity.

Developing a sound, soil microbial environment yields healthy soil, which stimulates root and plant development, controls diseases, and maximizes soil productivity. It even maximizes water usage and nutrient uptake while stabilizing soil aeration and preventing nutrient runoff. The benefits are numerous.

B. Mineral Management System

The right mineral management uses appropriate mineral inputs while harnessing the vast natural resources preexisting in the soil.

Chemical inputs have been the standard for soil and plant nutrition for the last 100 years, but virgin soil has been depleted of its biological compounds and diversity from mismanagement and overuse of chemicals.

By reducing or eliminating chemical inputs and making judicious use of the right minerals, soil can be returned or cultivated to an optimal state of mineral nutrition and fertility.

C. Disease Management System

Good disease management uses natural defenses with limited chemical inputs, which ensures production without sacrificing safety, crop quality or soil fertility.

By combining the three principle mechanisms of biological control, you can protect your plants and soil from damaging diseases, and you don’t need to rely on chemicals to do it.

  1. Competition. By introducing a wide range of beneficial bacteria and fungi to your soil and plants, these organisms can out-compete damaging pathogens. You can coat the roots and leaves of your plants with symbiotic organisms that help rather than harm your plants. When do this early on, and throughout the plant life cycle, you inoculate your plants against disease.

  2. Resistance. Countless studies and field trials have shown that compounds created by a healthy microbial ecosystem prime a plant’s “immune system.” By using known organic and naturally sourced compounds, you can nourish your plants’ natural abilities to resist disease and insects.

  3. Combating Parasites. A healthy environment of microbes limits the need for biocides, fungicides and insecticides. Instead, you can rely on nature’s own systems of predatory insects, fungi, nematodes and bacteria, and your healthy environment will actually help maintain them. This provides 24/7 natural protection for your plants, without chemicals.

Applying the ABC Approach to Your Plants

Putting together the three elements of an ideal plant fertility program requires the right microbes, the right minerals and the right balance. Depending on your needs, you might also need to combine soil soaks with root treatments, regular fertilizing, and even foliar sprays.

At Primordial Solutions, we’ve made it simple and easy by creating plant nutrients and fertilizing solutions to give your plants exactly what they need and the results you want.

With Sea GreenTrue BloomsRootamentary and PaleoBloom, we’ve created a complete range of concentrated plant nutrient products that give you the tools you need to cultivate a healthy soil ecosystem and healthy plants.

Visit our product pages to learn more about what they can do for your plants, and order a 2-ounce trial bottle to experience the results for yourself.

You can also contact us for help in making the right choices for your growing needs.

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