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You’ve got the awesome natural nutrient systems from Primordial Solutions, so, the only thing you need now for your fantastic fruits and vegetables is a great place to thrive. Read this article about new trends in garden design. Take a look at this article from Garden Design Magazine to the “Top Trends for 2016 in Garden Design.”

We especially like the one about growing veggies as foliage in containers.


Did you hear that? It’s the collective sigh of garden designers everywhere. Natives and drought tolerant plants, container plantings, and edible gardens are at last no longer a trend, but are here to stay. In their wakes is a mountain of new ideas ready to be reflected in the garden in myriad ways. Here is a collection of trending ideas we’re seeing for 2016.Coloring structuresSusan Cohan of Susan Cohan Gardens in New Jersey says people will want more color out of their structures which can be achieved by painting fences, arbors, and houses. “Rather than white, brown or gray fences, we’ll see fences painted dark green or dark blue. This is a trend coming out of Europe,” she says. “Black houses and fences are huge in Europe. Here in the U.S., people are painting their houses a darker color, like deep blues or navy blue as a foil for the garden. A house painted dark charcoal gray affects what a garden looks like,” she says. (Learn more about this trend: Creating a Dramatic Backdrop.)

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