TrueBlooms Flower Booster: Over 71 TRILLION Beneficial Organisms

TrueBlooms Packed with Beneficial Bacteria

If you’ve been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of the rave reviews that customers have shared about our TrueBlooms flower booster.

They love how TrueBlooms accelerates flowering and fruiting processes naturally.

If you’re not already familiar with our product, here’s the quick synopsis:

TrueBlooms combines kelp and other natural plant-derived flower boosters with a ridiculous amount of bacteria to promote flowering.

To give you a sense of just how many bacteria are in TrueBlooms, Microbial Matrix Systems conducted independent, third-party analysis and arrived at a startling conclusion:

TrueBlooms contains more than 71 TRILLION helpful organisms per mL.

At a 2mL/gallon application rate, that’s a whopping 37 billion organisms per mL to help plants flower and fruit!

To highlight all the types of beneficial bacteria in TrueBlooms and the benefits they provide, we’ve put together a quick summary of MMS’ functional group analysis.

Check out the analysis, then order a bottle, dilute it as directed, and put it under a microscope. You’ll see a whole world of useful plant-boosting organisms.

TrueBlooms is available in an array of sizes for any scale of application, from a 2-ounce bottle to a 275-gallon bulk size container.

As always, if you have any questions about our products or need hints, tips or support for your home gardening or growing, contact our team.

You can reach us 1-866-846-7426 or email us through our contact page.

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