Because we believe in our products.
We gave away more than 100,000 samples in 2017. When you have the best product on the market it is simply the best way to advertise. On the other hand if your product is the same as every other product on the market, regular advertising is your only option.

Primordial Solutions began as a research project about 30 years ago. Since then, we work with large growers in much the same way. We test our products prior to sale to ensure value to our customers.

For smaller growers we offer samples
for you to test your self and see the difference between 30 years of experience vs a weekend compost tea seminar.

BRANDON – Recently got a couple 2oz samples of Sea Green at the GrowX Expo . Started using it in my weekly foliar spray as well as my veg room. And holy cow. What a difference! Leaf health and color is amazing. Veg growth is explosive. Even started using it in the vegetable garden. Highly suggest giving Sea Green a try. Great product. Really like the high concentration too! I only use 1ml per Gallon.